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Welcome to Stocksstudy.com “About Us” Page. I am Kaushik Adhikary, a dedicated blogger and founder of this website. I started this website in June 2018 to share Stock Trading/Investing and related education with my website visitors. I keep giving you fresh and top-notch articles on stock market for educational purposes only. By the grace of God my blog ranked Top 100 Stock Blogger as per FeedSpot

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Please keep coming back to my site regularly to read new articles and give your vital feed back so that I could focus myself accordingly.This may be one of your favorite place to provide you with research-based articles on stock market and related financial instruments. My goal is to provide this website more helpful for my visitors.

My Education : I am a B.Tech holder and doing consulting job, in the financial field. And I am very passionate about stock investing and hence I am here. I beg your pardon if you find any grammatical or any kind of spelling mistake as English is not my first language.

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